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Brainstorm and Organize Content Ideas

It's time to do yourself a favor and get your creativity in order in Ideation. No more lost ideas on your agenda, notes, and other docs.

Don't worry, we also have an AI generator you can use to boost your creativity.

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Plan and Assign Your Ideas in a Smart Way

In Strategic, you can generate your content strategy, tailored to your brand's objectives, industry and content pillars. Here, you can easily assign ideas to your strategy.

Best part? You can also generate your content strategy automatically - just let qube app do the work for you.



Work on Your Content and Schedule It to Go Live

Tired of the never-ending copy-paste of captions between your docs and scheduling tools?

In Creative Planning, you have the best of both worlds: a productive workspace for all your upcoming posts and an auto-publish feature! Plus, team collaboration has never been easier and more efficient.

P.S.: You can use our AI generator in case you run out of inspiration for your captions.

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Measure the Performance of Your Strategy

You can analyze the performance of your content strategy. See how your posts or content pillars performed, compare data from different social channels and get insights about your audience.

This will help you improve your strategy each month by making better data-driven decisions.

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Early love from our beta testers

'I hate creating tables or putting out a million documents… In marketing, content creation... there’s a lot that goes into it. Would be great to have all tools in one place.'

Carol, @ 967 social


'I like the fact that you go from idea to posting it. A lot of the current tools do not offer that… And that’s a huge help. (...) The app is also very pleasant to the eye, which makes it even more fun to create.'

Anthony, @ ZIKI


'My main problem is I have a lot of ideas and it’s really hard to collect and save them… I lose most of them in the process, even if I put them in a spreadsheet. I think your tool is really really necessary for creators and social media managers.'

Lara, SMM

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Welcome to the world where the merge between creativity and strategy becomes possible.
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